Thursday, June 16, 2011

Twins Game on a Thursday

So thanks to this picture from Scoop Day:

I won 2 tickets for todays afternoon Twins game from Pizza Luce. They wanted you to post a picture of yourself with a Luce pizza. I thought it was a pretty fun picture.
Tommy snuck out of work early (in the morning he tutors kids working on computers and in the afternoon he's been writing math curriculum.)

[ETA: Tommy wants it clarified that he didn't "sneak" out- people knew he was leaving and it was fine. He's worried all you tax paying readers would be up in arms about my use of the word "snuck" and possibly start rioting or report him to the union or.....] Mary was able to babysit on short notice. Thanks Mom! So we had a little day-date.

This was my first baseball game there (I'd been inside last year at their open house for season ticket holders.) It was so fun- the weather was perfect, the Twins won, Tommy got a Summit, seats were good. A great day for some outdoor baseball!!!

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