Monday, May 09, 2011


Remember THIS?

It's hard to believe - Madeline Rose is ONE. The big 1.

*The girl loves to laugh.
*A toilet paper roll is no match for her.

*Everything in the mouth. 6 teeth.
*Not walking yet, too busy CLIMBING up on everything.
*She loves to eat. I think bananas might be her fav.
*She really likes us. A lot. As in don't leave me with anyone. It's a phase. (We hope...)
*Swing love.

*Sister love.
*Banana love. Oh did I already mention that?
*She's a tease and a jokester.

*Great handle on the sippy cup.
*She's not sleeping through the night yet. Maybe tonight????
*Her laugh makes up for it.

On Saturday we had a small family party at Rosland Park in Edina (Rosland kind of like Rossland, British Columbia.) We ordered sandwiches from Sweet Taste ot Italy and brought other picninc foods. I made ladybug cupcakes and we sang Happy Birthday. I think she enjoyed her first taste of sweets! For her actual birthday on Monday we had diner at Pizza Luce in Hopkins and celebrated with ice cream for desert.

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