Friday, May 06, 2011


{Baby BFFs: Mabel & Maddie}

I'd set a start blogging everyday in May goal and it's already the 6th?!?!!? How did that happen???
I've been on a reading kick again (as in books) which wins out over blogging, but it kills me how for behind I am. Spring break and Easter and Preschool Concert to come.....

We did NOT buy this house. But earlier in the week I wanted to and was ready to make an offer. A lake cabin in the city? Perfect. But after more logical (Tommy) thought people who aren't looking to buy homes (esp when the one they currently have is perfectly fine) don't just go around making offers based on location- the house itself was cute, but it was all about the view. LAKE FRONT IN THE CITY without leaving our own neighborhood. But we did think long and hard about it.

We had a lovely evening with Jason, Shelly and Mabel! We grilled and then made them stay late to watch Modern Family --- unfortunately it wasn't nearly as funny as usual (no stomach aches from laughing) Hopefully they'll give it another chance.....

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