Sunday, January 02, 2011

"Bed Request"

Come on BLOGGER- I just want to post the pictures of Thanksgiving, Madeline's Baptism, Christmas & New Years, and Eleanor's Birthday- but your time keeps running out. (I think the problem might actually be my connection.) So maybe tomorrow...


*read the paper and cut out coupons- which were pretty much all for frozen vegetables and canned soup. Granted we live in Minnesota so frozen vegetables have to happen but so gross at the same time (anyone else notice how nasty red onions have been lately?!?!?!)
And as for canned soup- we just don't do it. Exceptions being New England clam chowder once in a while (the girls love it), tomato soup (with a grilled sandwich)(I made homemade tomato soup and no one liked it- anyone have a great recipe??) and the occasional nacho fiesta cheese soup for a certain crockpot recipe we've been liking a little too much this winter. So maybe couponing is lost on us? I'll try again next week.

*Kathryn and I spent time at the sewing machine. It's fun to see how excited she is to learn and create. I think the dolls will be quite happy with their new -albeit flat- pillows.

*Picked up Freedom by Jonathan Franzen from Leah. I can't wait to read it!

*Ate dinner at the Uptown Chipotle. Perfect- in other locations our children might've looked like ragamuffins but there- they seemed artistic and products of parents really trying to allow self expression. Instead of what we really were today- "just put your coat on and get into the car. move it."

*Kathryn can zip. This is HUGE. Not only can she zip her own coat, she's in a zip honeymoon phase and will zip Eleanor, too. We're very proud of her!

*Tommy drilled a hole in the kitchen floor and now we have ice in the fridge. We're not really ice people, but excited about the availability of anytime ice. (The installer refused to hook up the fridge because of where the plumber had installed the waterline. It took Tommy all of 2 seconds to figure it out and make it work.)

*Photo upload still not working OFF to read...


mommarocks said...

I cannot have a drink without ice. And we buy ice!!!

Yay Kathryn. Lucia is still working on zipping on her own.

Your kids will eat clam chowder? Awesome! My kids will eat grilled cheese, but not tomato soup. I'm the only soup love and it makes me oh so sad :(

iluvstorms said...

No WAY - does she BUY ice? Her bday gift is going to be some ice trays.

I love your Chipotle comment. I can just see it.


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