Sunday, January 02, 2011


Tommy pointed out that seeing Wicked is more of a life-time goal then a resolution. I suppose most of my resolutions were more goal like- I have more: see a Twins game, work on my portfolio, get a haircut. I'll stop now.

*Madeline slept from 10pm- 5am!!! We put her in the pack n play in the girls' room and she did great. REM sleep so nice to see an old friend.

*Need to add pics to Eleanor's 2nd birthday post- hopefully today.

*Last day of winter break. My to-do list around the house pretty much complete- so no chores today! We didn't get to all of the community places we wanted- MIA holiday rooms, the flower show (maybe next weekend before it's done) Pizzeria Lola, or Cafe Latte. Future posts about everything else we did- including 3 (non-family) parties. We're still on a social high.

*Tommy won his Fantasy Football league. His top player was a dog killer. Literally. Hopefully he actually gets paid. I've big plans for how to spend it.

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