Saturday, January 01, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

Yup it's New Years Day-Evening and finally getting to Thanksgiving. On Wed morning we dropped Carter off at a kennel in Rochester. I follow them on FB now and am quite impressed- it's also a dog daycare and the dogs seem to get a lot of attention and out of kennel time- (huge for Carter who has no boundaries at home!) Tommy warned them that she's a climber- Carter wasn't able to scale the outside fences (whew) but was able to climb some of the indoor ones. Anyway glad to be reunited with our pup. She's bonkers, but we love her.

We had a late lunch with the Ps in some random town at a Subway slash gas-station slash grocery store. Ever road trip with me and you know how I feel about gas station restaurants, but Kathryn seriously woke up, said I need a bathroom and there it was. That evening we arrived in Galena we ordered pizza from a local place. The house the Ps rented was about 20 minutes or so from Galena in golf course community called Eagle Ridge- the house was huge.

Thanksgiving Ellen and Tom made the traditional turkey meal. In the late afternoon I took a walk with Ellen and her daughters along a (horse) trail. I wish I'd had my camera- there were many beautiful sights and lots of reminders it was a horse trail.

On Friday the children opened their stockings, then we had brunch and more gifts to celebrate the Ps Christmas together. In the afternoon Ellen, Alison and I (and Maddie and Jamie) went shopping in Galena, others played football, and Grandpa Tom watched Kathryn, Eleanor, and Jenna.

Saturday morning we headed back home. A Very Merry P Thanksgiving-Christmas!

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