Friday, March 14, 2008

Our Week

Monday we had baby story time at the Southdale library. It's fun to go to different places. We were "wait listed" but we made it in!
Tuesday I did a market research study with some nice folks from NYC- we went to a couple of stores and they picked my brain on shopping. As you may know we're not buying new this year so I was probably the worst person to do this- luckily it was mostly about grocery shopping and we do buy that new.
Here's me working on my presentation part of it. TP that I was crazy how much work I put into something I wasn't going to keep, I thought it was fun.

We went to the dog park on Tuesday. Nice to be outside.

Wednesday we went to EP Center to play and Tommy helped me with the Ks. The weather was so nice yesterday- I really wanted to go on a long walk but Kathryn slept so much. We did walk to library before Tommy came home and played a bit. Last night we watched LOST. I think if I have some free time later I might need to spend some time at
Lostpedia. Today we're going to the indoor gym to play and tonight we're going to Crave. We have a gift card and a babysitter! Have a great weekend!

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