Monday, March 17, 2008

Let Me See Your Sushi Roll

On Friday night we had dinner at Crave. We split the sushi appetizer which was a large variety of nigiri and maki sushi and the pesto shrimp (it was on crositi.) DELSIH! Then after I went to see JODI at B&N (she also ate at Crave) This book sounds pretty interesting (so do her next 2!) I didn't get anything signed becuase there were a ton of people there.

Earlier Kathryn went to indoor gym time at the local rec center. She just goes crazy when she's there!

On Saturday Tommy took Kathryn to the MN Orchestra family performance of On the Day You were Born narrated by Maya Angelou whle I worked.

Sunday Kathryn's sleep schedule cooperated so we went to the Children's Museum and then Brits for lunch. A fun busy weekend!

This morning was baby book club and now it's nap time! Happy St. Patrick's Day! (or Saturday)

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