Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Kathryn is now 14 months old!!! To celebrate we went to her first official playdate. We met up wth some MMs and Kathryn played at EP Center with her new friends- all about the same age. So by played she ran arond, crawled through tunnls, went down the slide and returned to me for drinks and snacks. We've been to these play areas before but she usually stays clse to me not today- KP really showed her independce and was right in the action.
The last couple of days have been tough with teething- her eye drips, her nose drips, and can be a bit senstive. Hopefully the teeth cut through soon. She's "talking" like crazy to us! YYAYAYAYABABAHAHDKD AMAMM DDADD!!! Just like that! Kathryn's big job around the house is taking off her own jacket- we unzip and she does the rest- when it's off she'll take it to us or leave it by the coat rack. These pictures are from last week at the Ds pool. Kathryn still looks like this!

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