Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sing-A-Long & Roundup

On Madeline's b-day Kathryn had her sing at school. It was very sweet and fun to hear all her songs.
We're going to miss these girls next year!!! (and their families, too!!!)
Then last week she had kindergarten roundup at Yinghua. I did order her school supplies online, have uniforms in my shopping cart at Lands End and are sending her to Chinese camp this summer so we've committed.

We found out yesterday that they're ranked 10th overall in all Minnesota public and charter schools (at 98.26%) and 5th overall in achievement gap (at 98.8%.) This was out of 2,255 schools. I think that shows that we have no concerns about her English being behind. Check out the Strib article here- it's been fun to look up different schools.

 Kathryn was rode the bus for the first time and was surprised about no straps (seat belts), learned how to say I love Yinghua in Chinese and had her picture taken with the director of the school. I think she's excited about it!

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