Thursday, May 24, 2012

Madeline Rose is TWO

On May 9th Madeline turned 2. She was wrapping up a case of hand, foot and mouth so we need to take some nicer pictures soon!  We celebrated by grilling and having chocolate rice crispy bars. Madeline is very funny- her favorite joke is to pretend to be sleeping. She loves being tickled and laughing. She keeps up with her older sisters and wants things to be fair. She loves books! Anytime you sit down she'll throw a book at you and say "read." Speaking of throwing- Maddie loves to throw. Anything. SHe has a great run, too. She loves playing with cars and with baby dolls and anything Elmo. She likes baby tomatoes, sausage and all fruit. Madeline is extremely helpful- her main jobs are to return the bathroom garbage can after I've emptied it into the kitchen garbage, put shoes away, lots of mixing/taste testing and shut the dishwasher. She's a good listener and predictor (if I'm getting my shoes on she'll put hers on.) She's highly motivated in- do it myself- she's able to get pants on. (That seems early to me.) If she's hungry and if the loaf of bread is out she'll just take a piece and chow down. Happy Birthday to our little red- Glad Mad!!!

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