Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Break (finally!) part 1

So you've seen Karine and Tom's post. Read about Throwed Rolls.
But now for the rest of the story.....

We drove down Friday after school and made it to Rogers around 10pm. We stopped a couple of quick times for gas and bathroom breaks- sandwiches and food in the car.

First thing Saturday morning was POOL time.
Then to Karine and Tom's new house! It's so nice and they had the fireplace going. We had some Arkansas BBQ from a place called Whole Hog Cafe. It was delish!

Then off to the baptism. We were honored to be Zadie's godparents!

We visited went swimming and visited the Walmart Museum. We saw some huge crosses! For dinner Madeline, Zadie and Ezra stayed with the grandparents and we took Kathryn, Eleanor and Zeke to Karine's parents country club child care while we went out to dinner. I didn't get any pictures of our night out. But we had fun!

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