Friday, April 15, 2011

{Pizzeria LOLA}

Now that it's winter again (it's snowing and cold out) I have more time to blog again. On the Thursday of Tommy's spring break (March 31) it was a great day for biking. We picked Kathryn up from preschool (Mpls spring break was the week before) and biked along the creek and headed up to Pizzeria Lola.

I'd been looking forward to eating there for some time now so we were pretty excited to finally go- we go there right at 5 when they opened (shortly after it was packed.) We ordered The Old Reliable, The Sweet Italian and the very awesome: Lady ZaZa (Korean sausage with house-made kimchi, serrano peppers, soy chili glaze, scallions & sesame oil) It was all very good and Ilook forward to going back- patio!!!

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