Sunday, March 13, 2011


I have TWENTY posts that need to be published. It seems like every time I start the internet is too slow....

What a FAST weekend.
*Feeling under the weather Friday- Saturday.
*Thankfully the girls are A-OK.
*Which meant missing Cooking Club with these great gals {Vanessa, Gilda, Kristy, Laura} and their husbands.
*Very disappointed! And I mean very disappointed.
*Went to bed at 8. Wild Saturday!
*Today we whooped it up with lunch at Perkins.
*Perkins should hire my family for their sincere love of the place (an actress could play me.)
*Got my craft on.
*Loving the later light, but we'll need new (darker) curtains in the girls' room ASAP.
*Watching 'Undercover Boss' sort of like it maybe?

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