Monday, February 28, 2011


*We're baaaacccckkkkk!!!!
*Not yet 100%.
*We can't smell.
*Spent the morning trying to figure out--- DOES Madeline have a social security number?
*Let's just say I have NO answer....
*Went to Joann Fabrics- fuzzy scarfs for the girls and some embellishments for my camera strap project.
*The "fuzzy" yarn is on sale!
*I think I caught the sewing bug.
*I'm SO far behind in JOY OF LOVE. (which is disappointing because I've been loving it so much, but the camera remained untouched last week. it's so heavy when you're sick)
*So I'll give myself a week or so to catch up.
*Because JOY OF LUCK begins March 14th. Check it out!
*The TO-DO list is LONG: laundry, chores, bills, blogs, blah, blah, blah.
*Someday I'll catch up, but right now I'm going to work on those fuzzy scarfs...

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