Friday, February 04, 2011


*Girls slept in 6:45!
*2nd week in a row where Eleanor collects Kathryn, Madeline and her own name tag. (Out of 15+ choices)
*My (non-talking) baby can read.
*I'm starting think she's just playing us.
*Sarah and Carolyn came over for lunch.
*Shredded pesto chicken sandwiches on a croissant. So easy and with a fancy feel.
*Madeline's nap was short and Eleanor's nap was non-existent.
*I went to the library. By.My.Self.
*Tommy went to bed at 8.
*OK- with that because I want to see all the JOY OF LOVE pictures on Flikr and Blogs.
*Seriously loving JOY OF LOVE!!!!
*Excited for tomorrow.....

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