Thursday, February 03, 2011


Happy New Year!!!
*Felt sick yesterday & the 5:00 am wake up call today and the teething baby didn't help.
*Tommy had to be at work by 5:45.
*Put Maddie back down.
*Snuck back to bed.
*At some point Kathryn (busy playing with her village of dollhouses and figurines) finally noticed I wasn't around.
*So she wakes me up asking for breakfast.
*MOM OF THE YEAR: if you let me sleep a little longer then you can have M&Ms after breakfast. Awesome. And it worked. (My first bribe thought was television- but that would've met actually getting out of bed to turn it on. To teach her how to use the remote or not. That is the question..)
*EIGHT AM!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Sore throat and headache gone! (We did skip the open gym though)

*A quick pic of Madeline before picking up Kathryn for school.
*Celebrated Chinese New Year---Year of the Rabbit--- at LeAnn Chin's.
*BOGO free coupon, of course. The girls love potstickers. Eleanor loves soy sauce.
*I think it would be really fun to go all out next year.......
*Noticeably warmer on my walk tonight.

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