Tuesday, February 15, 2011


*Playgroup here
*Didn't take any pictures- I had even charged the batteries for the point & shoot
*We had a simple lunch/snack- baked mac & cheese, grapes, water, heart shaped jello jigglers
*I'm obsessed with holiday themed jigglers
*Madeline is starting to have some separation anxiety. I secretly like it.
*Eleanor prefers the craft/art aspect of playgroup.
*A fun morning!
*Kathryn had her Valentine's Day celebration at school
*She was very excited! (hair curled, dress kind of excited)
*Quick library stop after preschool to stockup.
*We have 41 items out.
*I made the girls select some non-fiction- that's what pushed our item count up so high.
*Chicken fajitas for dinner.

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