Saturday, November 06, 2010

Halloweeen PART 5

Halloween Day- the girls painted little pumkins
Tommy took over the family pumpkin carving (notice the children in the background- is this a foreshadowing of school projects to come?)

I would never admit that Maddie is wearing Carter's (the dog) witch hat.
Cheerleader, Prairie Girl and Little Pumpkin

A (our Godson) stopped by with some tricks and treats.
Tommy's carving masterpiece. He got so many compliments from trick or treaters. It turned out amazing!

We had a great Halloween - the Ds came over for white chicken chili and orange jello jigglers shapes like bats, pumpkins and cats. K, E, Tommy and my dad took them out trick or treating. Eleanor came back so proud about her loot. I couldn't believe how many full size candy bars they got- T and I much appreciated it.

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