Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sesame Street Live and Baby Cousin x 2

On Saturday August 14 we saw "Elmo's Healthy Heros" We didn't really take in to account that fact that Eleanor hasn't ever really seen characters and so our second row seats were a bit intense for her (she did enjoy the show standing in the back in Daddy's arms!) The message stuck with Kathryn and now we can refer to "eating your colors" and the importance of getting enough sleep. Madeline opted to sleep in her sling. A FUN morning! We're ever thankful for friends and opportunities like this.

On Sunday August 15 we went to my dad's cousins house to meet their new grandsons- twin boys born a couple of weeks before Madeline. My SI joint was all out of whack so I was pretty useless the entire time. I didn't even get a picture of all 3 together! It was a great afternoon catching up with family. Even if I couldn't stand, sit, walk or carry my kids.


Elle said...

Love the blog, Casey! You have some amazing photography on here - wow! So fun to see your cute family and watch them grow - I've got you in my reader now so i won't miss anything. :)

So glad our girls are in class together - I know Olive loves Kathryn and I'm enjoying getting to know you, too! Play date sometime soon?

Elle said...

Oops, I lied - my reader couldn't find a feed. Do you have one? If not, go to feedburner and get one - then people (like me!) can subscribe to you. :)


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