Tuesday, September 07, 2010


*donuts from Kowalskis (scone for me)
*starbucks coffee (for T) chai tea latte (for me)
*bananas and water bottles for K & E
Followed by a long walk to a park (where we ran into 3 different families we "know" from ECFE, storytime and Mayflower)
A great holiday in the hood.

Last Wed (Sept 1) Eleanor started ECFE class- Early Ones Plus (12-24 months) She had the biggest smile on her face the entire time- during separating the parents stay in the room to talk- it's fun to be able to spy on what she's doing. I saw her rocking a baby doll- so sweet. Her class is during naptime so she'll have to take a morning nap on Wednesdays. We love ECFE! This is our fourth class - it's so great to really know the teachers. I'm just always so impressed by how great they are- so loving, caring and knowledgeable about these little ones. Minnesota is so lucky to have ECFE!!! (Maddie also goes but will mostly be sleeping in her carseat!)
Tommy went back last week for teacher stuff. I think he was glad to get back to his routine. But he was even more excited for the students to start. Again this year he has freshman algebra classes and calculus classes. In addition to coaching chess I think he's planning on coaching the math team- stay back ladies- he's all mine. GO Falcons!

Last Thursday and Friday Kathryn had "phase-in" days at her preschool and seemed to really enjoy it. But her first real day of preschool was today. She's going to an afternoon Montessori program at Mayflower (this is their first year doing Montessori.) We're very excited for her and this opportunity. There are only 7 girls in her class (Kathryn is the youngest) so I think they are going to whip through their "lessons." We've been learning a lot about the Montessori method and philosophy. I will have to do a future post on Montessori.

{teacher Christine}

PS- Some cute Madeline smiles- stay tuned for the big 4 month update!

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