Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Bath

(Eleanor -finding, bringing, ramming Madeline's pacifier at her.)
Madeline's first official bath was Friday June 11. Yes, she was over a month old but we did keep her clean using washclothes or doing 1/2 baths! She didn't get the baby acne as bad as the other girls and no craddle c(r)ap at all- so wondering if the prolonged bathing helped some of that at all. Maddie had some tears, but overall I think she liked it!
The girls loved watching and I think wanted to get it and join her. Tommy does the bedtime bath thing. I can't stand getting wet, all the splashing, etc- so I get their PJs ready, do a final toy pickup, finish any kitchen mess and then we can all meet up to do stories- it works great and Tommy will often practice the guitar in the bathroom while the girls play. Anyway- I wonder how he'll do with all 3 in the tub? We might need one of those jacuzzi tubs....

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