Monday, December 10, 2007


On Saturday we went to the Conservatory where I played more with the color switch function on the camera. We met the Ds there, they helped us take some (120 or so) family pics, and then we ate at the cafe there. A nice and warm place to visit. Kathryn liked watching the turtles and fish. We didn't go into the zoo part.

Sunday we ran some errands- I did the BIG CUB trip. I think we'll have enough food to last us until next year (he, he) It's nice to have a really full fridge and cupboards. It took almost 2 hours!

In the afternoon Peter and Laura came over after their soccer game. We watched the big football game- Vikes vs. a different team and ate chili. They were so sweet to bring us a BEAUTIFUL poinsiettia!

A very relaxing weekend together. It's nice to not be running around like crazy. We only have to buy a couple of Christmas gifts this year- we're not really exchanging with our families or each other. SO nice not to worry about all of that! Tommy think's I'm crazy but I really like the "Something you want, Something you need, Something to wear, Something to read" for Kathryn. He was also very surprised to hear I plan to wrap her gifts AND make her wait until Christmas. I'm such a meanie! Have a great week!

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