Friday, November 16, 2007


Ten months old. It definitely overwhelms us that this once little baby is mere moments away from toodlerhood. Already she takes a few cautious steps into the unknown without us waiting to catch her. She drives the laundry basket around the hardwood floor- steering it where she wants to go. Kathryn shares her toys, food, and pets with her puppy Carter. And glory be if they both can share a misplaced newspaper or piece of mail. Their destruction and inspection and joy of their work are worth the mess. Kathryn now has 3 teeth. The second top one should be here soon- hopefully without the fever and sadness of the first top one.
She loves looking at books and laughing at her own jokes, inspecting and handing everything she finds to us (which is nice because she'll show you exactly what it is she wants to put in her mouth ahead of time), talking away, removing everything from the book shelf, hiding her treasures in the toy box, and listening to music. And Tommy loves that Kathryn's such a little analyzer! Happy 10 Months!

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