Sunday, November 18, 2007

bUsY wEeKeNd

On Saturday we went to Bachmann's to check out their holiday open house. Very fun- we sampled some treats, saw Santa and a reindeer, checked out trees and decorations. I'd like to go back and take our Christmas card photo there with Santa- any good photographers out there who want to join us? Kathryn's eyes were wide open the entire time.

On Sunday we went to the LION KING. It was so good- It's been a long time since we've seen a big show like that (maybe London?)- so cool. The music, dancing, costumes, lighting- everything was awesome. A very neat experience. We went with the Ps to celebrate Tom and Ellen's 35 wedding anniversay and Oct/Nov birthdays. A big thanks to Joe and Brooke for watching Kathryn while we were at the show!!!!

Then off to the WILD game for everyone (but me- I went to BOOK CLUB at Jessi's- great food and so nice to catch up with Jessi and Carolyn and see Anna- she could not be any sweeter and she claps!) after book club I picked up TP an KP at the Excel Center. Unfortunately we didn't get any pics of Kathryn at her first Wild game (I had the camera.) A very fun and busy day for us.

Tonight Tommy went to a school board meeting regarding the health insurance policy in his distirct. It's OUT OF CONTROL right now and the costs are rising over 300% next year. We watched Sicko the other night so health insurance is on our mind.

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