Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spring Break

Good news- the sickness is about over. My ears are all messed up though and apparently I'm talking really loud. We've had a relaxing couple of days- walking around Lake Harriet, shopping, and projects around the house- oh, and eating out. It turns out we really like to eat out. Last night after class we went to Brits, tonight La Perla de Pacifico (we go there way too often but it's yummy and cheap!) and I guess tomorrow night King and I with Tom and Ellen!

Tommy is going to walk this May from the U so we went there today to pick up his cap and gown- it's such a beautiful-fun campus. Then on Friday off to Door County to lay on the beach- sipping fruity drinks (Ok, sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate) It'll be very nice and relaxing.

Carter got a hair cut today- she looks very clean and tiny with a big head. She wants to eat the bow. I think I'll let her.

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