Sunday, March 26, 2006

Beautiful Sunday

It's so beautiful in Minneapolis today! It must be 45-50 degrees, sunny, the snow is melting but it's not dirty yet, the house windows are open! Spring is here. I'm still sick- I went to the Minute Clinic at Target and she said it's a virus that'll last 7-10 days. Today is day 7 so hopefully soon I'll have some energy again. In the mean time I'm spending the day reading, doing some homework, and watching trashy movies on USA. Hopefully we'll have some fun adventures this week- SPRING BREAK!

1 comment:

pip said...

Hey! I am so excited that you have a blog!! It was also nice to hear from you! I am glad that things are going well. When I return .. . we must get together! (Finally!)

Say hi to Tommy!


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