Friday, October 17, 2014

Them Your Kids

-Yesterday at the library Tommy and I were searching for Dora books at Maddie's request. As we looked with no luck so she marched over (without us knowing) to the main info desk and asked for Dora books. The librarians loved and said they'd never seen such a thing!

-At conferences we learned how quiet Eleanor is during class. Her Chinese is right on but not a big group talker. We also learned she RULES the playground. Between her daring monkey bar abilities and being an outside leader- we think that's pretty awesome.

-Kathryn's taking an English class now- apparently she's the pleaser. Hands up first for every question. Although I don't necessarily want her to be Reece Witherspoon from Election or Paris from Gilmore Girls- it is pleasing to know that she's excited. And that Eleanor will beat her enemies up at recess!!!!

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