Sunday, September 29, 2013

The First Days

Kathryn's first day of first grade at Yinghua! We first stopped at the bus stop to send off the neighbors. Unfortunately she was in a non-AC school so she only went on Wed and then school was canceled Thursday and Friday. A month in and she seems to like her teacher and is adjusting to her full days of Chinese all around her. 

 The first Friday of school we had 3 families over for a back to school party of hotdogs and popsicles (although of the 10 children there 5 had only gone on Wed and the other 5 didn't start school until after Labor Day.) I guess this was the only picture of the party?
 On Labor Day Tommy ran to Kowalkski's for a treat. (No way would I ever buy that) The girls went crazy!!!

 On Tuesday after Labor Day Eleanor and Madeline started at Mayflower! They were so excited! It was a great day for them and they both love their teachers. It's going to be a great year!

We're all getting  into the new routine of both of us working, kids at school all day, busy with soccer, tennis, gymnastics, seeds, girl scouts.

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