Thursday, May 02, 2013

Chinese New Year and Star of the Week and a Playdate

Way back in February was Chinese New Year- Happy Year of the Snake! Because Kathryn goes to a Chinese Immersion school we're learning about and celebrating different Chinese events. Her school does a HUGE production at Bethel -each class doing dance performances, choirs, orchestras, lion dance, kung-foo, there was even a fashion show representing different areas of China. I ended up leaving with Madeline after an hour, but Tommy and Eleanor stayed for the entire 3 hours or so. It was pretty amazing. We loved watching Kathryn up on stage- she was really into and knew all the moves.

In mid-March Kathryn was Star of the Week. We made a picture poster and brought in art supplies to make bookmarks. Its hard to believe kindergarten is winding down.

There was a no-school Friday in April because of parent/teacher conferences so we invited 3 of Kathryn's friends from school over to play and have lunch. It's fun to get to know these girls!

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