Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't tell madre what happened in Padre...

---Semana Santas---

We're currently in South Padre, Texas!! Woo-hooo! Thankfully we've arrived after Oklahoma week and TEXAS week so the party atmosphere is winding down (although Tommy and I have wristbands to see DJ Skribble tonight) and now it's Semana Santas!!! Mexican families are out of school this week for Holy Week and next week after Easter so many people take this time for a little vacation. It sounds like the island really counts on Spring Breakers in March to make their money, but love the shift now to families on vacation (still making their money, but a very different cliental. No beer bongs!) I really love this opportunity for my children to see and meet families that might have different hair color and speak a different language, but still we laugh at all the same funny things. Unfortunately we left our camera at Tom and Karine's-- I was very sad because I was looking forward to some great pictures of our adventures, but instead we're going to instagram the hell out of this vacation (this was a Tom L quote sometime back and I always remember it.) 

SPADRE Morning 1
 Breakfast at the hotel-- wait are we at a hostel?!!?!??!? LOVE!!!!!
 It's so windy!!!!

And cold-- granted this is 9AM but 65 degrees!!!

 On the Bay side boardwalk-- looking for ALLIGATORS!!!! (and birds?)

Tick, Tock.... Tick, Tock....

 On Pier 19 looking for DOLPHINS- no luck, we'll be back tomorrow!
The bridge onto the island.
Back at the hotel for lunch, rest and home school!

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