Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cold Turkey

So the past month our house has been sick. Someone always seems to have something. Currently it's been strep throat although officially only Eleanor has it. I'm pretty sure Madeline does too and need to bring her in. Eleanor went in on Sat and tested negative for it, but they called back on Sunday and she was positive for it. She's been home from school all week and at times seems pretty miserable. We drove by her school today and she was surprised to see kids there- oops I guess she just thought it was a non school week - not a sick week.

Last week Kathryn had a stomach thing and couldn't keep anything down for a couple of days. We're probably saving a ton on money, because no one has much of an appetite for anything other then freezes. Needless to say we've missed a lot of fun stuff- 2 gingerbread house parties, birthday parties, playmates, field trip, pagent rehearsals, and other holiday to-dos like Macy's, the Swedish Institute, holiday rooms at the MIA, seeing Santa at EP, driving around to look at lights much less dreaded shopping. Hopefully we can still squeeze something in this weekend! Even the children are so sick of watching TV.

Back to the actually reason for this post- this morning we drove to Kathryn's school across town and Madeline had her pacifier and napped the whole way there and back. When we got back the pacifier was gone. We've searched the whole van and the only thing I can think of is that she'd dropped it before Kathryn jumped out of the car and Kathryn kicked it out without knowing it?

Anyway this was the very last BABA and the plan was to give it to Santa next week. So for awhile tonight she was pretty mad, but eventually fell asleep in Tommy's arms. And if she asks for her present from Santa- I have a plan. What a big girl! Kathryn questioned why we would give old pacifiers to Santa -especially with strep germs. Eleanor had to throw out her tooth brush after all so why would anyone want a germs pacifier. I thought maybe Santa melts them down and uses the plastic for something else?

Kathryn called it a Papise
Eleanor called it a Paci
Madeline called it a Baba - an end of an era! Unless she really is miserable, we cave and run to Walgreens for more....

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