Saturday, November 03, 2012

Kathryn's Health

You might remember back here when her lungs were leaking and she would crackle when you touched   her. Followed by a couple of years of inhalers and nebulizers.

Or last February (I don't think I blogged about it) when she had an unexplainable seizure, another ambulance ride, an EEG and a MRI. All her tests came back normal- they called it a seizure brought on by fever (versus a febrile seizure- basically it'd be rare for her to have her first one at age 5 and some other odd things that happened during the seizure.)
(her EEG- we had to wake her up at midnight and keep her awake -they try to get her to have a seizure by doing things like blowing into a pinwheel for 4 minutes and then eventually fall asleep)

But her latest excitement will be an inguinal hernia surgery (info here) during Thanksgiving break. This is common in boys and premies - she is neither, but her health has been nothing but common! I only thought about this because I just paid off the ambulance bill this morning and Eleanor was talking about when all the firefighters came to our house and then received all her paper work for the surgery in the mail this afternoon.

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Sarah said...

Good luck! Lach had this surgery at 4 months and it made a world of difference for him.


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