Saturday, May 26, 2012


At the end of April I went with Sarah to Wits at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul. Now I don't usually go to St. Paul so I wasn't sure if I could park in this spot so I took a picture of it so I could ask someone. The very first person I see is a police sergeant who I'd actually met earlier for lunch at a Latina Girl Scout Conference. Of course. I show her my picture and she says I'm OK to park there- small world!

First we had tacos from the Barrio truck. There were amazing!!! I'd like to go to the restaurant sometime. I was licking the plate. Then we went into the theater were they gave out free gingers irish whiskey (it tasted like lemonade) and we got rowdy and tweeted a lot. John Moe the host loves Twitter. Sarah and I did some community service and showed the lady by us how to tweet.

The show it self was HILARIOUS. My stomach hurt from laughing so much- the special guest was Fred Willard and the musician was Dan Wilson (he's from Minneapolis- Semisonic and he wrote Adele's Someone Like You hit song- I don't care much for Adele the way Tommy does- but I did like when he sang it.) At the end they always do a sing-a-long and of course it was Closing Time.

The next night Tommy and I listened to it on the radio.
Here's the link to the show. Thanks Sarah for a fun night!!

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