Thursday, February 09, 2012


Kathryn got in!!!!!!
{Which means so did Eleanor and Madeline.... }

We checked this morning and right next to her number K203 was a big fat A for accepted. Approximately 200 children applied, 40 or so were siblings or children of staff (easy in) and the remaining 35 or so spots were lotteried last night. We checked the list before bed and even once at 1:00 am, but by 6:oo am it was posted. (I don't know if we're 100% sure if she'll go there yet- but getting in is obviously the first step.)

Yinghua is a k-8 Chinese Immersion charter school in Minneapolis. All instruction in k-1 is only in Chinese and gradually English is added through the grades. Kathryn and Eleanor had a sample class- the teachers used a lot of singing and puppets to teach the lesson. The girls liked it and we've talked a lot about how the teachers won't answer you in English. Kathryn seems to be onboard.

Check out their website HERE.
Check out their test scores HERE.
Check out their uniforms HERE. (I'm a tad bit excited about uniforms.)

Read an article in Time magazine (from a couple of years ago) about Yinghua HERE.
Look at the pictures from the article HERE.
Read a MPR article from 5 years ago when the school was in St. Paul HERE.

Anyone out there have experience with Yunghua or Chinese Immersion? We'll keep you posted on all the kindergarten decision drama....


Gilda Knits said...

wooohoooooo!!!! Just been catching up on your blog - wow, you are sooooooooooo busy!!!

Julie Nack said...

After just getting back from a trip to Shanghai for two months, I say, Yes! Do it.


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