Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We found another perfect school.
It would be a huge commitment for our family.
But also an amazing opportunity.

Who knew the kindergarten decision could be so exhausting.
We've "narrowed" it down.
Lottery time.

4 Minneapolis schools
(can only choose two- 1 neighborhood, 3 magnet),
2 charter schools,
1 open enrollment and 1 private school.

Thankfully no one wants an application fee.
Deadlines are fast approaching.
(The silly thing about all of this is we like, really like, our neighborhood school.)

Chinese Immersion :: Discuss


KristyMN said...

You are funny. We need to get together and discuss this. I mean, really! At least the lotteries will narrow it down automatically. Which Chinese Immersion? Hopkins??

Casey and Tom said...

Yinghua- in Minneapolis. This K thing is out of control!!! How's your 1/2 day search going?

Karine and Tom said...

Would you and Tommy have to learn Chinese too?


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