Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Black Friday

Our black Friday adventures were pretty lame shopping wise: Herbergers, Kohls, Best Buy & Menards (Menards was the craziest because their sale ended at 11 and I was there at 10:45) The guy in front of me was only buying light bulbs- who stands in line for 20 minutes to buy light bulbs? Must've been a great deal!

After a wonderful lunch at Chipotle we spent the afternoon at the zoo! Tommy hadn't seen the penguins yet and they seemed especially cute that day.

After we (Tommy) stopped at National Camera Exchange and got a new (used) lens. It's pretty fancy and we're excited to play with the zoom. (The automatic on our other lens broke and manual is fun and all but not easy with 3 little models- not enough time to monkey around with it.) And finally to Old Navy so T could get himself some jeans. A fun busy day!!!

Some of the girls presents I already had- but I had a few things to pickup at Target on Saturday morning. We used our credit card miles into Target gift cards. It makes it easy to splurge on a couple of items when you're spending bonus money. We still do something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to red. Makes it so easy!

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