Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sad {Proud} Day

Last Wed, Nov 16 was Eleanor's last speech day with "Teacher Chris." It was very bittersweet - for a year now Chris has come to our home weekly and helped Eleanor with her speech.
We reminisced that during her initial speech evaluation one year ago she didn't make a peep- not a sound, not a sneeze, didn't clear her throat, made absolutely no verbal sounds for the 1 1/2 hours they were here. Eleanor played with their toys and "answered" their questions (nonverbally.) We were all very concerned, but no more- she's Miss Gabber now- full of stories, thoughts, dreams, even a lie here and there!

Obviously it's been amazing to see her bloom with all these words and sentences spilling from little mouth, but also sad to see Chris leave. Every week Eleanor knew how special Chris days would be- full of games, crafts, books and conversation. For their final time together a celebration was due- Elle requested sandwiches so Chris brought "ice-cream sandwiches" and a perfect book. (Eleanor is very visual- something Chris recognized right away. E's pretty amazing at Eye Spy type books.)

So this chapter is complete and we will miss Chris- her warmth, humor and love that she brought not only to Eleanor, but to our entire home.

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