Monday, November 14, 2011

quick, quick

I'm sick. The mom can't get sick!

So quick update: Halloween and Maddie's 18 month post in progress (oh and the rest of Duluth and Wisconsin summer vacations- yikes)

*Egress window in (for awhile but no update) I just think it's pretty awesome!
*TP fixed my smoking vacuum cleaner
*Girls are great:
Kathryn so very close to reading, loving all the birthday parties lately
Eleanor for Christmas wants "sandwich, eggs, oranges, and purple soap"
Madeline super helper and very interested in potty training?
*Looking forward to breakfast here tomorrow morning with V & J.
*Finally finished The Hunger Games trilogy:: Thinking I read more into it? Were the 13 districts supposed to mean the 13 colonies?!?!? Happy with the ending. I think?
*Christmas cards ordered!!!!!!!!!!

And bed it is....

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