Saturday, August 20, 2011

~meal planning~

We're big into meal planning around here. For a few reasons: the main one being all these hungry children! Also it saves money (hopefully?!) because we're prepared, less likely to turn to convenience (nasty) food or going out. It saves time at the grocery store and at home. And if your house is like ours....the 4 o'clock witching hour is in full effect so planning is key to keeping down the chaos.

But we're in a rut- every week Tommy request spaghetti, Kathryn wants mac and cheese, and Eleanor would like yam-witch (sandwiches.)

So with back-to-school just around the corner I've been meal planning brain storming. A moms forum I belong to posted this website: eat at HOME. She includes 6 dinners (including vegetarian and crockpot), ideas for sides, the grocery list (organized how I organize my list- by department) and a dessert (I'm not a dessert person- I'd rather end a meal with nachos- but Tommy and the kids do have a sweet tooth.)

Anyway we just might try a week of her ideas here and there. (I can't believe I'm so far behind in blogging and chose to write about a random website!) We'll see how it goes!

PS: Why does auto-correct always change crockpot to CRACKpot?


Karine and Tom said...

Thanks for the great link, Casey! We are also big into meal planning, and I'm always looking for ways to make things faster, easier, and yummier. Well done! Your link to that site is kind of like e-mealz, except free. I like it.

EdHead said...

You are inspiring me to get back on the meal plan train! Thanks for sharing the link. We are stuck, too.


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