Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Camp Out {Backyard Style}

Last Friday the 19th we had a Camp Out! After setting up the tent (blasting classic country western) it seemed like rain was near so we headed into the tent to read books. Madeline immediately headed out of the tent screaming. She was not a fan of the tent and since it was past dinner time anyway I ran into the big house -whipped her up some dinner and put her to bed. She went to bed without a peep. Next year Maddie!!
Back at the site the girls finished up reading and we grilled hotdogs (it's been the summer of hotdogs), corn on the cob, watermelon (unfortunately only Madeline likes watermelon) and chips. At dusk we sat around the campfire telling stories and eating smores- 2 each. Finally the girls couldn't stand it anymore and ASKED to go to bed. We snuggled up in the tent and Eleanor wanted to go inside with Daddy and Madeline.

(Kathryn's oh so fun with photography apps)
(So yes we camped with the iPhone)
So just Kathryn and I braved the elements (rain) in remote nature (our city backyard.) She did wake up once around 3 upset over me trying to move her so I could have my own therma rest, but overall slept great. In the morning Tommy made pancakes for all the campers and even the non-campers. A fun campout!

(kitchen helpers)


Kristin and Peter said...

I love the backyard camping idea - so fun!

edheads said...

Oh how fun! We still need to do that this summer. You've inspired me.

Jennifer said...

Hi blog friend!
Thanks for your note after Ellie's birth. We chose her name because we liked the names she could someday choose to go by - Ellie, Eleanor, Ellen (and Ellen is part of Tim's mom's name as well). Looks like we have similar taste in names since you have a little Eleanor, too! Love reading your blog, your mom-ness inspires me!



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