Friday, July 08, 2011

I guess I'll blog instead....

Tommy scooped up my book so I'll just blog a bit instead. (He seems to be enjoying it.) And it's this or work on the block directory. (Which upon completing will be ah.may.zing.) Or I could work on my literature review or vacation laundry or a grocery list or that trim paint.....
So blog it is....

On Saturday night we went to the Ps for a BBQ- Erin and Chris were in town for the weekend.

(Tommy took like 20 pictures of the this bug. Why? No clue)
On Sunday afternoon we went to the Minnesota Orchestra's Family Concert : "Salute to America." They offer free family concerts 3(?) times a year- just sign up for the drawing for tickets. We usually win or are put on a wait list.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Madeline- she was under the (mis)understanding that it was a sing-a-long and spent most of the concert in the lobby perfecting her high notes and stair climbing abilities. Better a squaky baby then a screaming/crying baby, right?

Our neighborhood FOX. Exciting only because of where we live. In a city. Near highways.

After the girls were in bed T and I went to the roof to watch fireworks except we couldn't really see anything, it was hot and buggy. But always fun to hang out on the roof.

The Fourth of July: Beautiful weather!!!
First we met Baby M!!!!! What a doll with so much hair. Just so sweet.

Then biked over to Fuller for the bike parade and festival. We ran into a family from preschool and that made it even more fun (dad & kids at playground, moms chatting.) We packed picnics and bought $5 of tickets for the various activities. We seriously love Minneapolis parks and their fun activities.

(Tattoos from the $1 section at Target. Big hit)

In the evening our neighbors put on their own fireworks. Perfect. (Except the pictures are still on the camera.)

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