Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New Bike {Dream Big}

After Kathryn successfully rode her trike to preschool multiple times (it's a pretty far distance on a trike!) We knew it was time for a bike. She loved the princess one with the special seat for a doll- but we said NO because it costs too much money (we're trying to teach some early money management skills) and convinced her we'd just attach a basket to the plain purple bike and the dollies would be fine.

But I happened to be on a solo trip to Target and discovered the bike was on sale. A $40 off kind of a sale. Miss Eagle Eyes spotted it right away (hidden under a blanket in the garage) and was so excited!!! She's been a biking machine- with the training wheels- but hopefully this summer we can pull those off. We explained that the bike was on sale and life doesn't always work out so easily. And her dolls have never been happier.

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