Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Last Day of Preschool

May 26 was Kathryn's last day of preschool. She had a great year and a wonderful teacher. I was amazed by how much Kathryn actually learned this year- world maps, odd/even concepts, and even some sewing to name some. (She also learned some annoying things to - but that was from other children.) We're very proud of all her hard work this year!
We didn't search out a Montessori preschool -but we really appreciate how the children are respected and treated and the calm atmosphere. Kathryn had a great first year of preschool experience, there will be a lot of changes next year (same school- but now mornings)- but I know she'll continue to do great! She has such a great attitude (most of the time!) and wants to understand everything so I think teacher's really enjoy that about her. SUMMER!

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