Monday, February 21, 2011

2/21/11 - President's Day/ snOMG

*Tommy made a huge breakfast using his new birthday griddle.
(See Joy of Love 19 & 20!)
*We love his breakfasts- it's a treat! Maddie had her first pancake.
*My breakfasts are always make ahead- quiches/bakes, etc.
*But mostly I make toast and hard boiled eggs.

*Set up Eleanor's "big-girl" bed.
*Hoping she'll still nap!

*I think she might have pink eye.
*So it's also Maddie's first day in her "big-girl" crib.
*The Pack-N-Play has been put away.
*Tommy spent over 2 hours snow blowing.
*He's back out there again finishing up.
*It's too bad all the "snow days" have happened on weekends and holidays.
*I've been fighting a sore throat/drippy noise/headache/fatigue/achy body all day.
*Hoping today was the worst of it!

*The girls pushed their beds together.
*Planning a trip to Arkansas. FOR REAL.
*Looking forward to a night browsing ETSY. I have a list.....
*Yay for Presidents and crazy snow!

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