Monday, February 14, 2011

2/14/11 Valentine's Day

*I decided to surprise the girls with a trip to the zoo.
*My parents were free and able to join the surprise.
*Heart shaped sandwiches.
*Spent a lot of time with the dolphins.
:::ETA: April the Grandma dolphin died on Tuesday. So sad. We were just watching her play with her ball yesterday. Strib article HERE:::

{Dolphin tank background}
{The 2 pictures I took before my iphone died- a bad technology day for me!}

MY SD CARD IS CORRUPTED AND ALL MY PICTURES FROM THE DAY ARE GONE.... (May have to reenact Maddie's first Valentine's day!)
***Lesson learned from now on I'll be sure to re-format more often and always delete pictures from the camera vs. the computer--- you should do this too!!!! Or loose the adorable V-day pics of your kiddos wearing cute matchy holiday shirts.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
My gift = a NEW sd card!!

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chris g said...

Hi Casey! Catching up on your blog, and now I am scared about my SD card. Tell me more about deleting from camera vs. computer, and about the reformatting. I don't know what you are talking about, except that when I download the pics I delete them off the camera through the computer screen while it's plugged into the USB. Is that what you mean that I shouldn't do??


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