Tuesday, February 01, 2011


*Kathryn Early Childhood screening.
*She passed.
*Came home for lunch.
*I picked up a mocha from McDonalds drive thru.
*To drink while I finish up some reading during naps.
*P/U Kathryn.
*Quick trip to Cub for spaghetti sauce and mushrooms. $75 later we went home.
*Tommy came home after chess match.
*I immediately left for Book Club. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.
*Met 2 week old Baby LINCOLN. Didn't take any pictures. DOH.
*Eleanor's (4) pacifiers have gone missing.
*Leave Book Club. Head to Target. For RED pacifiers. No RED ones.
*Home. Eleanor screamed herself to sleep.
*Took my WALK around the block with Carter.
*Loving all the Joy of Love pictures on Flikr.

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