Thursday, January 13, 2011

Totally Cool Tuesdays

Well sometimes Totally Cool Tuesday happens on Thursday.
(Especially during a busy birthday week.)
This is kind of area specific, but if you live in the Minneapolis area then you probably have spent time at the Mall of America. I hate shopping, but it's a nice place for the kiddos to run during our lovely winters. Nick Universe has a birthday special for under 18 years old that on your (exact) birthday you can get an unlimited wrist band. Because my now 4 year old still needs a chaperone on most rides then I rode free. Otherwise you'd have to buy your own pass or points because admit it- you want to ride, too.

So super easy and totally cool
1. Fill out the form ahead of time {click HERE for the form}
2. Bring in proof of birthday
3. Have a fab time with your birthday child


1 comment:

mommarocks said...

Um, that's TOTALLY COOL!!!


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