Saturday, January 22, 2011

MOA on a Monday

On Monday December 6 we spent the day at the MOA with Ellen and Darcy before she caught her flight home. We had lunch at Nordstrom's Cafe. It was a great little restaurant in Nordstrom's (that was probably obvious) with airport views and really good food. I'll definitely go back there again.

Then it was RIDE time. I think my children are becoming thrill seekers- they had a blast!!! THEN we had desert at American Girl store. The park was closing early for the Vikings holiday party- no sightings but security was intense -they carried my double stroller with children- down the stairs so I won't take a ramp through the black security curtain. Finally we said our good-byes and Darcy was off to sunny, warm southern California! Thanks for coming to visit!

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