Saturday, January 08, 2011


Chicken Karma
*I bought a fryer chicken from Target last Monday
*It was not organic
*It was not free range
*I don't even think it was "natural"
*The chicken is missing
*Not in the freezer
*Not in the car
*I paid for it
*It lived a horrible life
*And now it's gone missing

What's even weirder is this isn't the first time I've lost meat --possibly- but hopefully not-- in the house. Last time it was Italian sausage.


Kristin and Peter said...

Too funny. I bought a rotisserie chicken from Cub a few weeks back after a crazy day that ended in taking Charlie for the last available doc appt of the day. I thought getting this chicken would be a quick way to get a late dinner on the table. I left it at Cub and only grabbed my other tiny bag of groceries...sigh. Hope yours shows up - or maybe it's better if it doesn't!

mommarocks said...

Hrm. Missing meat? creeeepy. I hope at least its last moments were good...


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